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The real magic is in the liberation of the senses... dance!

Interdisciplinary Professional

I was born in Colombia, in Bogota. I grew up in the countryside with the fortune of belonging to a large family of artists. I lived in the mountains, in the middle of nature.


I have several paths

My mother supported my curiosity and allowed me to study for 14 years of dance, four years of music, singing, piano, and Latin American folklore. I studied

Professional Nursing, a master's degree in Social Anthropology, and later became a Chef.

How have I been learning? As a dance teacher for children and adults, sharing my language, it's colors, and melody in Asia and Europe, and as a nurse in indigenous communities in the Amazon, I have been a manager of social research with and for disabled peoples throughout my country, an activist in defense of human rights, and a volunteer in prisons, orphanages, farms, and monasteries.

I am a natural counselor. I know how to listen. Accompany those who want to be accompanied with the humility of who I am.

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