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Latin Spanish Classes

We learn what we love, the rest we memorize!

The Spanish class is based on emotional pedagogy, on building a relationship of respect and empathy with others. In my class, you will learn from a Latina her language and the warmth of her culture. An intimate and trustworthy space is proposed where the themes, rhythms, and methodologies are adapted according to the expectations and characteristics of the student, the process is built jointly and has the necessary flexibility.

The teaching process is carried out by means of English and Czech. If there is no common language between the student and the teacher, it is done in Spanish directly, I have experience and it is a successful and very intuitive process.

Development of Class


The student is invited to initiate contact with Spanish 15 minutes before class, with the aim of promoting concentration in the language at the beginning of the session. During the class, a change of activities is made each time the desired level of concentration is lost, according to the student's pace, and the clarity and confidence that is being acquired progresses gradually.

Objectives: they are established according to the expectations of the student.

Types of Classes / Duration / Price


Private Adult / 60 minutes / 700 Kc

Private Children from 2 years old / 45 minutes / 700 Kc

Adults Group (Maximum 4 participants) / 60 minutes / 1000 Kc

Children's Group (Maximum 4 participants) / 45 minutes / 1000 Kc

*All classes must be paid 10 sessions in advance*

* Cancelation must be a minimum of 48 hours before the class*

ALL LEVELS ONLINE  FACE TO FACE victoriaconalas +420 728 668 075.png
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