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I am a Master Teacher of Latin American Dances, with 20 years of experience, teaching around the world and now settled down in the Czech Republic, and happy to start this new season of ZUMBA.

Did you know that ZUMBA was created in Colombia?, yes, from the country I come from, my culture dances all the time, life has music, and the little things are always celebrated. ZUMBA with me is special, I recognize the rhythms of the members and through the movements and dance we will fill our bodies with energy and we will sweat together.

The whole semester in ZUMBA MOOD, we will be starting from January 15th until June 17th, with the rest on the National Czech Holidays. Price 5500 Kč


Zumba is one of the best-known fitness activities in the world, with more than 200,000 class locations available in 180 countries. The brand is best known for its signature "Zumba" Latin dance fitness class.

Each workout involves highly choreographed movements set to upbeat salsa and international music. Essentially, Zumba is a fun, high-energy workout experience that keeps you excited to exercise and return for more.

Zumba was created in the 1990s by dancer and choreographer Beto Pérez, an aerobics instructor in CaliColombia. After forgetting his usual music one day, and using cassette tapes of Latin dance music (salsa and merengue) for class, Pérez began integrating the music and dancing into other classes, calling it "Rumbacize".

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