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In this space, you will enjoy music, your body, and your senses. Each of them seeks to gradually and rhythmically awaken the joints and sensations that music and the group will allow us to experience. Dance as therapy is based on relaxation and enjoyment of the body through movements, it does not require previous knowledge. Dance Therapy is a type of therapy that uses movement to help individuals achieve emotional, cognitive, and physical freedom.

The dance between women, dancing with other women, and within a group of women have a special energy when adding the rhythms and melodies of the forests, the sea, the fruits, and the Latin joy. Awakening the body through music and movement relieves tension and mental and emotional suffering.

Dance therapy for children seeks, in a playful and dynamic way, to fully explore the corporality and natural potential of these ages.

For couples, it has a very important intimate component, where the tensions between the two seek to alleviate, this process is built with the active participation of the couple, in search of its objectives.

Individual dance therapy for adults is a space for bodily listening, adapted to the conditions and needs of the participant, respecting the rhythms and flow of each individual.







Types of Classes / Duration / Price

Group class women / 60 minutes, 22 sessions semester / 6000 Kc


Group class children / 60 minutes, 22 sessions semester / 6000 Kc


Private-class adult woman / 60 minutes, minimum 10 sessions / 8000 Kc

Private class couple / 60 minutes, minimum 10 sessions / 8000 Kc 

*All classes must be paid 10 sessions in advance*

* Private Classes: Cancelation must be a minimum of 48 hours before the class*

* The course duration is the school semester, divided by ten sessions for each level to make easier the payment.

Next courses

Open registrations

The whole semester from January to June with the rest on the National Czech Holidays. Price 6000 Kč

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NOTE: Vcenory Courses will start on 18th January because administration papers.

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