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“When we connect with our ancestors and put their wisdom into action, we evolve our collective consciousness. We are transporting the ancient truths of our collective past and birthing them into our future. What we create out of those truths extends the wisdom of all those who have gone before us, and it provides a guide for all those who will follow.” ― Sherri Mitchell Weh' na Ha ' mu Kwasset, Penobscot Nation

Knowledge is for the ancestors. I am learning that every day as I sink deeply into an anthem of the decades. From the origin of life, to the nature of words and their meanings, they say the secret of ancient wisdom lies in what we name, and the meanings we keep, those new, those forgotten too, those simple yet deep, that probe into the essence of our being. Such that all that is left is a prayer, that one’s mind will forever be nurtured and nourished with songs of ancestors long gone, yet from whom all our greatness, seen today, first began.

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